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Entries for June, 2009

Blu-ray review: Gran Torino [2008]

Reviewed by Johnny McNair Warner Home Video – 116 minutes – 2008 – Rated R – 1080p Widescreen 2.4:1 – Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Audio Mix – Digital Copy Whatever magic potion Clint Eastwood is drinking in his old age is making him nearly superhuman. He’s in his 70’s and completely in his prime, both acting […]

Blu-ray review: Inside Man [2006]

Reviewed by Johnny McNair Universal Studios Home Entertainment – 129 mins – 2006 – Rated R – 1080p Widescreen 2.35: 1 – DTS-HD Lossless Master 5.1 Audio Love him or hate him, Spike Lee has definitely made his mark as one of the strongest filmmakers in the game. Whether it is his early films such […]

Netbook Review: Asus Eee PC 900 [Linux]

By “Slim” Introduction Netbooks, once considered a niche market, over the past two years, has grown to become its own category of computing. And whenever anything starts to get popular, it will immediately garner attention from the media, clones from its competitors, and growth from its originator. Asus being the innovator that is, started the […]