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Box Office Review: Toy Story 3 [2010]

Reviewed by Daniel Taveras Released: June 18, 2010 1 hr. 43 mins. G Directed by:  Lee Unkrich Tom Hanks Tim Allen Joan Cusack Don Rickles 1995’s Toy Story was one of those landmark, groundbreaking, milestone, watershed, (insert similar descriptive word here), motion pictures.  Animated cinema suddenly became a bit more alien.  As the first fully […]

Box Office Review: Mother and Child [2010]

Reviewed by Daniel Taveras 2 hrs. 5 min. R Directed by:  Rodrigo García Naomi Watts Annette Bening Kerry Washington Samuel L. Jackson Rodrigo García directed this film.  Rodrigo García wrote this film.  Why is this important?  Should we know him?  Well, he wrote/directed the moderately successful Nine Lives.  Ok…that’s cool, any other reason why we […]

Box Office Review: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time [2010]

Reviewed by Daniel Taveras Release: May 28th 1 hr. 56 min. PG-13 Directed by: Mike Newell Jake Gyllenhaal Gemma Arterton Ben Kingsly Jordan Mechner’s 1989 title for the Apple II, Prince of Persia, was the first computer game that chiseled a deep, everlasting presence into my brain. The uncommonly realistic rotoscoped animation.  The strafed sword […]

Box Office Review: City Island [2010]

Reviewed by Daniel Taveras Release: March 19, 2010 (limited) 1 hr. 40 min. PG-13 Directed By:  Raymond De Felitta Andy Garcia Julianna Margulies Steven Strait Emily Mortimer City Island knew it had charm before it even completed casting. No doubt the director, producers, and actors all collectively gave the film’s 35mm reels a great big […]

Box Office Review: Paris [2009]

Reviewed by Richard Lee Zuras Released Sep. 16, 2009 2 hr. 10 min. Cedric Klapisch/Studio Canal Juliette Binoche Romain Duris Francois Cluzet Karen Viard Fabrice Luchini Albert Dupontel Juliette Binoche is that rare actress that knows no country. This is not to say that she is not beloved in France. She is. And this is […]

Box Office Review: Julie & Julia [2009]

Oct.2, 2009 Reviewed by: Richard Lee Zuras Released Aug. 9, 2009 Rated PG-13 2 hr. 3 min. Meryl Streep Amy Adams Stanley Tucci Chris Messina   I see a big future for Julie & Julia. I see TBS using it, ad nauseam, for “Dinner and a Movie.” I see lots of people (not all women) having […]

Box Office Review: Inglourious Basterds [2009]

Running Time: 2 hrs. 32 min. Release Date: August 21st, 2009 (wide) MPAA Rating: R for strong graphic violence, language and brief sexuality. Distributors: The Weinstein Company Brad Pitt Christolph Waltz Mélanie Laurent Diane Kruger Eli Roth   Brad Pitt is hilarious but it is the (likely Oscar nominated) acting of lesser known Christolph Waltz […]

Box Office Review: Flame & Citron [2009]

Reviewed by Richard Lee Zuras Released July 31, 2009 2 hr. 12 min. Ole Christian Madsen/IFC Films Thure Lindhardt Mads Mikkelson   Not everyone will be given the opportunity to experience Flame & Citron (Flammen & Citronen) during its theatrical release, but through the wonders of On Demand/DVD, no one will have an excuse to […]

Box Office Review: Lorna’s Silence [2009]

Reviewed by Richard Lee Zuras Released July 31, 2009 1 hr. 45 min. R The Dardenne Brothers/IFC Films Arta Dobroshi Jeremie Renier Why does Roger Ebert, Cannes Film Festival, and a host of other people love the films of the Dardenne Brothers? In part, to paraphrase a famous axiom from Mr. Ebert: you haven’t seen […]

Box Office Review: In the Loop [2009]

Reviewed by Richard Lee Zuras Released July, 24 2009 1 hr. 46 min. Armando Iannucci/IFC Films Peter Capaldi Mimi Kennedy Tom Hollander Gina McKee James Gandolfini Anna Chlumsky You may not know who Peter Capaldi is. But if you see this film, and you should, you will always remember his performance. You may not remember […]